• Mike Philpott

Schilltron in Afghanistan

After years of conflict, the reconstruction of Afghanistan is well under way and Schilltron are extremely proud to be involved in the process of making Afghanistan a safe and economically self sufficient country for its peoples

We execute Construction projects, Telecommunications projects, Information and Communication projects to develop the country’s infrastructure: the cornerstone upon which we have built our reputation

Our main objective is to deliver exceptional customer service and quality turn-key projects in accordance with international codes and standards in order to add value to our clients' business strategies.

Our second objective is to have a localized and Afghan-based team from junior to senior levels and to implement policies and procedures to train, develop an HSE culture to improve both the qualifications and experience of our Afghan staff, leading to a reduction in business risk and an improvement in operational performance. Our staff has been vetted by the Coalition and has performed various tasks on FOBs.

Our business is driven by the needs and expectations of our clients and our people are motivated to provide ever higher levels of expertise. We are proud of our success and of our people whose skills, dedication and expertise have contributed to achieve outstanding recognition from a number of leading international donors in Afghanistan.

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